How to Get Rid of Insomnia?

1. Yoga

The studies at the Group Research Institute in Seattle showed that doing yoga for 12 weeks can help get rid of insomnia. 249 people took part in the study by doing yoga and aerobics. As a result, their quality of sleep increased and their levels of depression and stress decreased.

Women going through menopause should do yoga as it will help them get rid of insomnia.

2. Herbs

A sleep disorder can seriously affect a person’s life and it is associated with a series of diseases including obesity, depression, anxiety, and inflammatory processes. In his work Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Robert Rountree described several plants that can be used to improve the quality of sleep. Such herbs are valerian, hops, chamomile, and wort.

Such a treatment approach is good because it’s natural, safe, and effective. In order to avoid insomnia, it’s also recommended to steer clear of foods with a lot of spices.

3. Cherry juice

Researchers from the Louisiana State University found that drinking cherry juice twice a day for 2 weeks helped increase sleep time by nearly 90 minutes among older adults with insomnia. Cherries are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle.

If you drink cherry juice in the morning and in the evening, you will notice that the problems with insomnia will go away. On the contrary, drinking drinks that contain caffeine isn’t recommended.

4. Light therapy

According to Grace Dean from the University at Buffalo, light plays a major role in keeping the circadian rhythms stable. A big amount of light or a lack of it will affect your sleeping cycle.

It’s not a new thing to treat sleeping disorders with light, but this study tests a unique method. Glasses with built-in lamps are portable alternatives to huge light cubes that were used in the past.

5. Meditation

David Black with his colleagues at the University of Southern California conducted a small clinical trial in Los Angeles in 2012 and their analysis included 49 individuals (average age 66). The results showed that mindfulness meditation plays a role in solving problems connected to insomnia.

Meditating patients showed an improvement in sleep quality. Their depression disappeared, as did their anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

6. Amber-tinted glasses

Knowing that individuals with insomnia are also unlikely to change their ways, researchers from the Columbia University Medical Center tested a method to reduce the adverse effects of evening ambient light exposure, while still allowing the use of blue light-emitting devices.

Using amber-tinted glasses that block blue light reduces the effects. Aside from getting rid of insomnia, the patients’ arterial pressure decreased.

7. The right position

Everyone has their favorite sleep positions, but as it turns out, some positions are better than others. according to Dr. John Douillard, sleeping on your left side is beneficial for your health.

Such a position facilitates lymphatic drainage from your brain, encourages proper digestion, and supports healthy spleen function. So, try sleeping on your left side and see how you feel.

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